View under microscope: Sun Aller Bedding blocking the invasion of dust mites.



What are "SunAller" fabrics?

"SunAller" fabrics are type of fabrics that have been manufactured to produce bedding cover products and they are using a revolutionary densely weaving construction of the MicroFiber fabric technology. Several advantages by "SunAller": they help allergic patient to mitigate asthma, reduce medication requirement, reduce respiratory tract allergy reaction, and prevents asthma to occur.
Several characteristics of "SunAller" MicroFiber fabrics are soft, comfortable, fully air-breathable without any anti-mite treatment, and machine washable.

What are the benefits of using "SunAller"?

"SunAller" are using revolutionary high density weaving construction of microfiber fabric technology. The extremely small fabric pore size creates an impenetrable barrier to allergy and asthma-causing microscopic dust mites and these fabrics; yet, so soft; they are breathable, lightweight and quiet.

Are "SunAller" fabrics containing anti mite treatment to block the allergens?

Absolutely No! Simply imagine that SunAller are soft, comfortable and a filter textile fabrics without anti mite treatment. "SunAller" can filter any pollutants (allergy sources) and let you sleep in a comfortable environment with dry and clean pillow and mattress surface.

What should I do if I have used the plastic polyurethane membrane products before?

It is recommended that you should have "SunAller" to replace the plastic products. While you are sleeping, the air and humidity are circulating into "SunAller" structures, keeping you in a comfortable sleeping environment. Our fabrics are different with the plastic products that make you feel like sleeping in a balloon or plastic bag without any air circulation. "SunAller" fabrics are so soft, you cannot even feel their existence when you are sleeping.

How long can I use "SunAller"?

"SunAller" fabrics have the IBT (USA allergy and immunology authority) Reference Laboratory experiment approval. In the experiment procedure, SunAller have been repeatedly washed and dried for 100 times. After the procedure finished, "SunAller" still have the same quality as it had before: a hundred percent effective to block allergens. They are lifetime use under your reasonable maintenance.

Are there any international approvals to assure the effectiveness of "SunAller"?

We have CE logo approval, also gained IBT experiment lab result, and obtained PMI pore laboratory appraisal report. These international approvals have been generally acknowledged as well known worldwide examiner organizations.

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