View under microscope: Sun Aller Bedding blocking the invasion of dust mites.



Our Precision Fabrics—SunAller:

"SunAller" fabrics are comfortable because they are made of soft air-breathing fabrics which are densely woven together using the MicroFiber fabric weaving construction technology."SunAller" fabrics are different from the old-fashioned, noisy double coated vinyl and polypropylene plastic products. These fabrics are able to physically kill dust mites without using anti-mite treatment. Another advantage from "SunAller" is washable. The materials are durable enough to be machine washed. Therefore, consumers are relieved in the washing procedure because of their durability and flexibility.
The materials durability have been proven in IBT Laboratory experiment. "SunAller" fabrics were repeatedly washed and dried in a process done in 100 times. As the result, the quality of "SunAller" did not change: they were still 100% effective to block allergens. Therefore, they are suitable for your lifetime use with possible proper maintenances.

Commonly used bedding products
magnified 100 times
magnified 250 times
SunAller Fabric
magnified 100 times
magnified 250 times
SunAller Cotton II Fabric
magnified 100 times
magnified 250 times
Dust mites and other
allergens can pass through the commonly used bedding products.
SunAller and SunAller Cotton fabrics have
1.5 micron and 4.5 micron average pore size which are very effective to block allergens.

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