View under microscope: Sun Aller Bedding blocking the invasion of dust mites.


Sun Allergy Control Co. is a professional manufacturer and supplier specializing in providing anti allergy, such as asthma, fabrics and service for OEM/ODM. Our concentration are on institutional distributor, wholesale and retailer.

“SunAller” fabrics are woven densely: the pore size is smaller than 10 microns. This size will effectively block dust mites, ragweed pollen allergy particles, and animal allergens.
Our “SunAller” fabrics have passed the analysis by IBT Reference Laboratory, Porous Material Inc Pore Size Analysis, and also gained the FDA registration and CE logo approval. Surely these fabrics have the most outstanding quality.

"SunAller" fabrics are made from finest materials which are carefully manufactured, the fabrics remain low in prices and become a pioneer in anti allergy market. Therefore, we are confident that our fabrics can rapidly seize a leading role in the manufacture and distribution of allergen barrier products. We are also confident that our fabrics will let your company obtain the highest profit.




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